San Francisco Partner Dan Rockey and Irvine Associate Mohammed Elayan published an article in the fourth quarter 2016 issue of Automotive Megatrends Magazine regarding regulation of autonomous vehicles. As the development and deployment of highly automated vehicles (HAVs) continues, a greater push is seen for guidance on regulations. Both the UK Department for Transport and the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) have released policy guidance and proposals aimed at continuing development of HAVs and remaining at the forefront of the use of automated vehicle technologies. While NHTSA has refrained from creating regulations that might inhibit innovation and has instead promoted industry self-regulation based on NHTSA guidance, NHTSA has established its regulatory authority over HAVs. “The assertion of federal authority is essential to avoiding a patchwork of inconsistent state laws that could inhibit development and adoption of HAVs and limit the free flow of vehicles and their users across state lines,” they wrote.