London Partner Mathew Rea, co-head of the Global International Arbitration Team, authored an analysis Oct. 19 in Law360 of the UK government’s “Enforcement and dispute resolution – a future partnership paper.” Rea commented that the paper “does make several important concessions. In particular it indicates that ‘language which is identical in substance to EU law’ in agreements between the U.K. and the EU should be interpreted and applied in accordance with relevant existing decisions of the CJEU,” he wrote. “It also accepts that account may need to be taken of post-Brexit CJEU decisions where necessary, for example where there is ‘continued close cooperation with EU agencies,’ or where ‘divergence should be avoided in specific areas.’ And it concedes that provision may be made to allow any dispute resolution body, or the parties to any dispute, to seek a voluntary binding ruling from the CJEU on the meaning of substantive EU law where a dispute involves concepts of EU law.” Click here to read the full article. Subscription may be required.