Presentation slides

This webinar is aimed at understanding the emerging payments landscape in the EU and its regulation. This webinar was jointly presented with Polymath Consulting.

Many deem the EU as a more favourable regulatory landscape for emerging payments than the US. If you’re thinking of launching a payment product in the EU, this webinar explains how it works, what are the opportunities and challenges, and how the EU differs from the US marketplace. While the webinar focuses on the UK landscape as a practical example, the scope of the webinar includes other EU jurisdictions as well.

The webinar takes a look at:

  • What is the EU and what jurisdictions are covered?
  • Which emerging payment products are growing in the EU?
  • The structure of EU payments laws and the types of payment licences in the EU – and the powers they convey.
  • How basic requirements under Anti-Money laundering, Data Security, and Consumer Protection laws differ from the U.S.
  • The option and challenges of obtaining licenses directly vs partnering with other licensed entities.
  • How "passporting" works – for expanding to other EU jurisdictions.