Claire Morel de Westgaver, a senior associate in the International Arbitration Team at Bryan Cave and a member of SVAMC-Young Professionals’ Steering Committee, authored an article featured Nov. 17 inITProPortal. Morel de Westgaver examined the rise of arbitration cases in technology-related disputes and explained the benefits of arbitration. “Arbitration offers the possibility of having the dispute resolved by arbitrators who understand the technology at stake and who were chosen by the parties,” she observed. “Arbitration provides a means of resolving disputes privately which is often required to protect the parties’ reputation and any intellectual property rights involved in the dispute. Technology-related disputes often need to be resolved particularly fast. Parties may need a decision before they continue to develop or invest in a particular technology. Similarly, technology evolves rapidly and disputes over a technology that has become obsolete can result in wasted costs.” Click here to read the full article.