Atlanta Associate Christian Bromley authored an article for the spring volume of the U.P.R. Business Law Journal. The article, “Dismissing Provenance: the Use of Procedural Defenses to Bar Claims in Nazi-Looted Art and Securitized Mortgage Litigation,” draws a parallel between the procedural defenses raised in the litigation surrounding these otherwise disparate realms. Art and real estate litigation notably intersect with the availability of these technical defenses and more broadly in the development of the twenty-first century property jurisprudence. As cases poised to examine the merits of Nazi-looted art and potentially improper foreclosure claims continue reaching the American judiciary, litigants’ assertion of these technical defenses has the ability to halt the litigation in its proverbial tracks. The article relates to Bromley’s prior real estate publications and art-historical background. To read the full article, please click here.