Do you need a transactional lawyer who understands the operational requirements of a REIT? What is most important to you… proven track record, market knowledge, responsiveness, common sense, efficiency, consistency or all of the above?

  • Do you need to adapt a purchase contract to include standard REIT provisions?
  • Do you want to issue spot whether any contacts disclosed in diligence for a resort asset will implicate compliance with UBIT rules?
  • Are you trying to develop appropriate disclosures concerning real estate assets for 1031 investors?
  • Are you seeking help with a REIT acquisition?
  • Are your confidentiality provisions in acquisition documents sufficient to satisfy applicable REIT requirements?
  • Do you require form provisions for your leases that address a REIT’s reporting obligations?

If so, then we get you. We will listen, collaborate and work hard to achieve your objectives.

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