From a real-life patent infringement claim based on a “virtual” invention to a tortious interference claim arising out of an employee’s social networking, the Internet can be a cutting edge means of getting into good old fashioned legal trouble.

While new channels of expression can give companies and individuals an unprecedented voice in the global conversation, they also create unprecedented risks for those who post first and think later. Many companies find themselves unprepared for and overwhelmed by the claims and issues that have arisen from the convergence of new technologies and old jurisprudence.  For example:

  • What should they do about employees’ use of social media such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter?
  • How should they to respond to a blogger’s posting of false information, or the appearance of an URL entitled [company-name]
  • How are they to apply traditional libel laws to their company’s online presence and how do established privacy laws relate to their company’s email?
  • What are the copyright rules with respect to content uploaded onto the Internet?
  • When can their use of a competitor’s trademarks in metatags and keywords result in liability for trademark infringement?

Bryan Cave’s Internet & New Media team is dedicated to helping our clients protect their assets and advance their valuable reputations on line.

With lawyers in 15 of the firm’s offices worldwide, our Internet & New Media team is uniquely qualified to handle emerging cyber issues around the globe.  Be it litigation, counseling or regulatory work, Bryan Cave’s Internet & New Media team provides the same high quality legal service that we have delivered to clients for nearly 150 years.

  • We have extensive international experience in traditional media law issues, such as defending defamation, privacy, copyright and trademark lawsuits and seeking access to information on behalf of media law clients.
  • We have successfully advised clients on issues involving data protection, information security, records retention, and Internet law and have crafted detailed policies and procedures for clients regarding their employees’ on-the-job use of the Internet and social media.
  • We have represented plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of Internet and computer matters, including those involving the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and cybercrimes, and in responding to government requests under various surveillance and investigative statutes.
  • We have deep and significant experience representing clients in consumer protection and unfair trade practice matters arising under the Federal Trade Commission and Lanham Acts, as well as before state agencies.
  • We have represented and advised many hundreds of clients on various E-commerce and online marketing laws and policies, including the CAN SPAM Act, “Do Not Call” registries, “junk fax” prohibitions, telemarketing sales and electronic signatures.
  • We regularly help clients around the world to protect their Internet domain names by filing actions against “cybersquatters” under federal law or ICANN rules.
  • We successfully assist clients in rapidly responding to, and controlling, misinformation posted on the Internet.

The Internet is changing the face of media and rewriting the rules of commerce.
With our help, you’ll be ready.