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In addition to the parties described above, Bryan Cave’s restructuring attorneys have served as or represented nearly every other constituent in a restructuring, including the following:

  • Shareholders, parent companies, officers and directors of troubled companies;
  • Guarantors of debtors’ obligations;
  • Indenture trustees of debt securities;
  • Trustees in Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 cases;
  • Examiners appointed to investigate the actions and financial condition of Chapter 11 debtors;
  • Administrators of Chapter 11 plans of reorganization;
  • Key suppliers and customers of troubled firms;
  • Landlords leasing real property to, and tenants leasing or subleasing property from, debtors in bankruptcy;
  • Lessors of machinery and equipment;
  • Licensors and licensees of intellectual property;
  • Consumer-privacy ombudsmen responsible for addressing privacy issues in bankruptcy cases;
  • Receivers appointed to safeguard property in federal and state proceedings.

Select Engagements


  • Represent the equity owner of E3 BioFuels, LLC, which operates a closed-loop ethanol facility, in its Chapter 11 case in Kansas City, Kansas;
  • Represented the owners of Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc., a comic-book business, in its bankruptcy case in Phoenix.


  • Served as court-appointed examiner of Apex Oil Co. and its affiliates in Chapter 11 cases in St. Louis, receiving a court-awarded bonus for extraordinary services provided;
  • Represented an examiner with expanded powers in avoidance and surcharge litigation in the Chapter 11 case of GTI Capital Holdings, LLC in Arizona.

Indenture Trustees

  • Represent Bank of New York as indenture trustee of $200 million in obligations in the Chapter 11 of consulting firm BearingPoint, Inc. in New York;
  • Represented indenture trustee U.S. Bank in connection with a default and subsequent bankruptcy of Cascade Pines L.P., owner of a multi-family housing project in Atlanta.


  • Served as consumer privacy ombudsman in connection with sales of assets by Three A's Holdings, LLC (Tower Records) and Ritz Camera Centers, Inc. in Chapter 11 proceedings in Delaware.


  • Represented the outside directors of a New-York-based finance corporation in connection with an $8 billion financial restructuring;
  • Represented turnaround-management firm Stephen Forbes Cooper, LLC in a dispute with the United States Trustee over the firm’s fees in the Chapter 11 case of Enron Corporation in New York.


  • Served as trustee of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy estate of Libby Manufacturing, Inc., a defense contractor with more than $50 million in debts;
  • Represent the liquidating trustee, M&T Bank, in the Chapter 11 case of Phoenix Memorial Hospital, with $80 million in claims.

Unsecured Creditors

  • Represented Monsanto Company in connection with billions of dollars in contingent exposure risks for legacy liabilities relating to toxic torts, environmental remediation and retiree medical claims in the Chapter 11 case of its former affiliate Solutia, Inc. in New York;
  • Represent Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. in the pursuit of $200 million in unsecured claims and $50 million in trust funds in the Chapter 11 case of a correspondent lender, New Century Mortgage Corporation, in Delaware;
  • Represent multiple horsemen’s associations and off-track satellite wagering organizations in connection with the Chapter 11 case of Magna Entertainment Inc., an owner of horse-racing tracks, in Delaware;
  • Represented Sprint Corporation and its affiliates, holders of $300 million in claims, in the Chapter 11 case of a major telecommunications firm in New York.