Chicago Of Counsel Maria Vathis was interviewed July 31 by WGN Radio on ways to encourage children to get involved with the Federal Bar Association in order to learn about the federal judiciary. Vathis and Judge Michael Newman have reached out to 10,000 kids, introducing them to federal judges and explaining the inner workings of a federal court, the criminal and civil process, and mediation. “Judge Newman has been a phenomenal leader and I’d love to continue all of the civics initiatives that he’s created and to further his efforts because it’s been amazing and an inspiration for everyone that has participated,” Vathis said. “From what I’ve seen our federal judges work so hard and they try their hardest to be fair. It’s really a tough job and we’re so lucky here in Chicago, where I’ve had the most experience, because our federal bench here is amazing.” To listen to the full interview (with Vathis starting at the 14 minute mark), click here.