Hong Kong Managing Partner Kristi Swartz spoke on March 29 at the Global Women Connect (GWC) seminar, “The journey of failure and what is your definition of success?” alongside keynote speaker Ajahn Brahm. The seminar was attended by around 200 people and in conjunction with GWC, Swartz, who is on the board of directors of The Faith in Love Foundation, a Hong Kong-registered charity, sponsored the attendance of girls from the Home Care for Girls initiative.

Swartz spoke on the panel alongside Reverend John Chynchen and Professor Judy Tsui regarding personal successes and failures. The panel shared stories that took a different perspective on how “failure” should be viewed whilst pushing the boundaries of valuing success. GWC is an organization dedicated to providing women around the world with the global resources to grow and contribute to the communities around them. The mission of Faith in Love is to support the end of poverty, promote community service, and advocate art as a medium of connection and expression. GWC and The Faith In Love Foundation are firm clients.

At Bryan Cave, Swartz concentrates her practice in corporate finance and securities including SFC matters. She also represents clients in strategic commercial transactions including mergers and acquisitions, private equity, alternative financing and other corporate matters.

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