The Bryan Cave Payments Team held a webinar on Jan. 25 providing an overview of major legal and regulatory events impacting both open and closed looped cards and other emerging payments. Topics included the “Durbin Amendment,” prepaid access AML regulations, current activity and the recess appointment of Richard Cordray, the implications of the New Jersey abandoned property legislation, the recent Third Circuit Opinion on New Jersey Retail Merchants Association v. Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff and other major legal events in 2011.

Presenters included Judith Rinearson (New York), Carol Osborne (London), David Zetoony (Washington, DC), John ReVeal (Washington, DC), Katherine Koops (Atlanta), Margo Strahlberg (Chicago), Kristine Andreassen (Washington, DC), Barry Hester (Atlanta) and Jennifer Crowder (Kansas City). The presentation slides can be found at the link below.

Bryan Cave’s Prepaid and Emerging Payments Team provides legal counsel and advice with a broad range of payment-related issues including prepaid and stored value, mobile and contactless payments, bank regulatory compliance, money services business (MSB) compliance, electronic wallets and P2P payments, anti-money laundering compliance, bill payment, overdraft and lines of credit, retail gift cards, abandoned property, money transmitter licensing, privacy and data security, patents and intellectual property and litigation strategy and defense.