New York Partners Vinny Alfieri and Jim Gill were quoted and pictured numerous times in national and regional outlets as part of coverage of the death of longtime Partner and former New York Mayor Ed Koch. Koch died Feb. 1 of congestive heart failure at age 88. Among other outlets, Alfieri was quoted Feb. 1 in The Wall Street Journal law blog; Gill was quoted in an AP article Feb. 4 that appeared in numerous newspapers; and both men were quoted and pictured Feb. 4 in the New York Law Journal. “We didn’t have him in the library looking up cases or drafting memorandum, but we exposed him to clients and they were very glad to get his thoughts and ideas,” Gill, who eulogized Koch alongside Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Bill Clinton, told the New York Law Journal. “He brought to our firm a depth of not just knowledge but wisdom about the city and business in the city that was unmatched by anyone else,” Alfieri said. “His value and his contributions were as a counselor, a person with that kind of deep and broad knowledge of how government and business work together.” Click here to read the full NYLJ article.