Frankfurt Of Counsel Michael Magotsch and Paris Counsel Sarah Delon-Bouquet were quoted Dec. 14 in The Times regarding the legal obligations that Germany and France impose on employers, in light of UK businesses considering moving workers abroad due to Brexit. “For UK and US employers it is a total new world when they move and start employing people in Germany,” said Magotsch, who commented on the way Germany handles collective bargaining and highlighted that the trade unions are represented through works councils at every level of decision-making. “In the engineering industry, for example, the metal union is in the driving seat for setting pay increases for the sector as a whole,” he said. In France, Sarah Delon-Bouquet observed, President Macron’s proposed reforms to French labour laws are being implemented by presidential orders that need to be validated by parliament. “Having involved the unions through negotiation, there is a strong likelihood that they will come into force,” she noted. Click here to read the article, registration required.