Bryan Cave’s Los Angeles office will host a LA CEOs event Mar. 2 featuring a presentation on the Internet of Things (IoT) by long-time firm client Chet Pipkin, Chief Executive Officer of Belkin International.

Belkin is a leading brand in the technology and consumer electronic sectors, with offices in more than 20 countries around the world. Fast Company recently named Belkin one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in the Internet of Things (IoT) in recognition of the company’s people-centric approach to IoT innovations. Pipkin will share his perspective and insights on IoT, the ever-growing network of physical devices embedded with network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

“IoT is at the heart of many of the most disruptive and exciting innovations in the market, and it’s only begun to touch our lives,” said Los Angeles Partner Andrew Klungness. “We are very fortunate to hear Chet’s insights firsthand – Belkin is an absolute trailblazer in the space.”

Bryan Cave has partnered with LA CEOs since 2012. LA CEOs brings together CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs and board members to help startups and growth companies accelerate success. The organization hosts regular presentations by subject matter experts to address the critical business issues CEOs and founding executives face. Mark J. Landay, Managing Director of executive search firm Dynamic Synergy Corporation, leads the organization.