Bryan Cave’s Los Angeles office will host a LA CEOs event Sept. 14 featuring a presentation on how to build a high-performing corporate culture by Carrie Kish, Partner and Chief Executive Officer of management consulting firm CultureSync.   

In this highly interactive session, Kish will explain how every organization is either an individual tribe or a network of tribes, groups that form naturally and include 20 to 150 members who are familiar with one another. Participants will leave with the ability to assess their workplace tribes and upgrade each to their most effective potential, producing industry-leading productivity, innovation, collaboration and job satisfaction.

“Organizational culture is an often overlooked element to building and – more importantly – sustaining a successful company,” said Los Angeles Partner Andrew Klungness. “We are grateful to have an opportunity to learn from a recognized expert in this field.”  

Bryan Cave has partnered with LA CEOs since 2012. LA CEOs brings together CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs and board members to help startups and growth companies accelerate success. The organization hosts regular presentations by subject matter experts to address the critical business issues CEOs and founding executives face. Mark J. Landay, managing director of executive search firm Dynamic Synergy Corporation, leads the organization.