London Counsel Maria Gritsenko will speak at a RAA40 seminar "Evidence collection: Mission is possible", scheduled to take place in conjunction with the Kazan Legal International Forum 2017. The forum is organised by a leading Russian law firm, EPAM, together with the government of Tatarstan and aims to deliver information on the latest developments in the legal arena and encourage dialogue between business, its advisers and policymakers. The RAA 40 seminar specifically will address problems of disclosure of evidence in foreign (non-Russian) litigation and arbitration proceedings including differences in approaches to documentary evidence and testimony in countries of continental and common law, preparation of witnesses for cross-examination and selection and instruction of an expert.

Gritsenko focuses her practice at Bryan Cave in international arbitration and litigation. She has extensive international experience having spent several years with leading dispute resolution practices in London, Paris and Washington, D.C. This experience includes bilateral and multilateral investment treaties arbitration, international commercial arbitration under a variety of rules, commercial litigation before the U.S. and English courts (including in support of arbitration or foreign litigation), and coordination of international and local dispute resolution proceedings in multiple jurisdictions. She also has assisted clients with corporate investigations under the FCPA.

Gritsenko has acted for clients representing a range of industries, such as oil, energy, mining, telecommunications, construction, software, health and banking. She trained in both civil and common law systems and works in several languages, including Russian and French.

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