Bryan Cave Webinar: How to terminate the employment of non-performing employees in Europe

January 27, 2015

A multi-national company is purchased. The new owners swiftly find out that they have senior sales managers who are not performing in various European jurisdictions and introduce improvement and re-engagement plans for the poor-performing managers. Five months later there is still no evidence of improvement. Can the senior sales managers be dismissed?

In this 45 minute webinar, the Bryan Cave European Employment Team will outline the issues and potential costs for terminating employment for poor performance in France, Germany, Italy* and the UK. We will also provide useful tips and strategies to help navigate your way through the legal difficulties and keep potential costs to a minimum.

Bryan Cave speakers include: Gary Freer (London), Sarah-Delon-Bouquet (Paris), Martin Lüderitz (Hamburg), Fulvio Pastore-Alinante (Milan*) and Helen Webb (London).

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