Bryan Cave Denver Partner Randy Miller was quoted at length by Law Week Colorado regarding privacy, litigation, discovery, and regulatory concerns unearthed in the Association of Corporate Council’s (ACC) annual survey. The 2017 ACC survey polled nearly 1,100 corporate legal departments in 42 countries and found that 28 percent had been targeted by a regulator due to a potential legal violation and 77 percent have dealt with at least one compliance-related investigation in the last two years. These often involve discovery of issues surrounding data. The report listed information privacy as a top concern for chief legal officers, especially since government regulation and cyber security and privacy issues are difficult to manage without outsourcing to law firms or industry experts. Miller spoke about practical realities for clients concerning privacy, litigation, and preparedness. When asked about the bulk of work surrounding data, Miller noted that “[a] lot of it is disaster recovery or an emergency breach. There’s a lot of people who would say there are two camps of companies, companies that have had a data breach and companies that are going to have a data breach.”