A group of Bryan Cave lawyers hosted 12 high schools students and four Loyola law students from the Loyola Law Academy at the firm’s Chicago office on Feb. 18. This is the fifth year the office has hosted this event.

Students participated in a discussion about careers in the law and took an office tour. They learned about trademark law and Fourth Amendment rights in break-out groups, led by Associates Lauren Caisman and Alejandro Montenegro, respectively.

The academy runs for four Saturdays in January and February. Loyola invites high school students to attend sessions geared toward teaching them about the legal field. Law students assist by offering guidance during mock trials, leadership at law firm tours, and information sessions that give the high school students insight into what it is like to go to law school.

The event was organized by Associates Joy Anderson, Lauren Caisman, Aaron Davis, Demetria Hamilton, Alejandro Montenegro, Simone Randolph and Partner Jena Valdetero.