Bryan Cave has been named to the BTI Power Rankings 2017 Clientopia 24 list. This list recognizes the law firms noted for superior client relationships, as ranked by top legal decision-makers at the world’s leading organizations.

BTI defines its Clientopia list as a measure of the strongest client relationships, distilled down to two elements: money (the client spends the bulk of their legal dollars with your firm and you are considered their leading primary legal provider) and growth (the client recommends your firm first to peers in an unprompted manner).

In addition to the firm’s Clientopia ranking, Bryan Cave’s Energy & Natural Resources Group is ranked among the top 17 with the best client relationships in the energy industry. BTI based this ranking on interviews with clients who picked the law firms that stand out as having the strongest relationships, both for core work and specifically in the energy industry.

Each year, BTI reaches out to a sample of legal decision-makers at large organizations with $1 billion or more in revenue. BTI Power Rankings 2017 is based on 950 telephone interviews conducted in more than 18 industry segments. Participants are granted confidentiality at the individual and organizational level.

Click here to see the full Clientopia 24 list for 2017; click here to read more about the top client relationship firms in the energy sector.