Atlanta Associate Christian Bromley authored an article on marriage laws in Georgia as they relate to same-sex marriage in the Fall 2015 issue of the Dartmouth Law Journal. The article, “Outside Equal Protection: The Evolution of State Laws as Precedent for Lifting Georgia’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban,” was the culmination of a research project Bromley began in the summer of 2014 while working on litigation challenging the Georgia bans on same-sex marriage. Bryan Cave had joined Lambda Legal, the nation’s premier LGBT civil rights organization, in early 2014 to bring a class action seeking to strike down Georgia’s discriminatory same-sex marriage bans. The action was actively litigated in the federal courts until the Supreme Court issued its historic ruling in Obergefell this past summer. Thereafter, judgment was entered in favor of the Georgia plaintiffs. Bromley is one of many Bryan Cave attorneys who provided pro bono assistance in the Georgia litigation. Click here to read Bromley’s article.