Boulder Associate Chris Achatz was quoted Nov. 7 in Law Week Colorado regarding the cyberattack that occurred Oct. 21 and prevented users from accessing Twitter, AirBnB and numerous other high-traffic websites. The attack reportedly came from roughly 100,000 computers and devices with online connectivity that carried out a DDoS attack, which directs a mass of computers or Internet-connected devices to send requests or data toward one system, resulting in a swarm of data that overwhelms the target and prevents actual users from accessing it. Many IoT devices, such as baby monitors with online connectivity, digital cameras and DVR players, are susceptible to malware due to the lack of security software and updates available on these devices. “It’s anticipated that these (DDoS attacks) will become an ever-increasing threat,” Achatz said. “It’s almost as if the success of the attack took advantage of our growing dependence on connected devices.”