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At Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, the imperative to innovate arises from our deep commitment to client service. We know our clients have to operate with nimbleness and strength in an ever more challenging marketplace, and we expect the same of ourselves. As a consequence, a decade and a half ago we built the industry’s best engine for client-focused innovation and have been operating it at full throttle ever since.

No firm in the world has a better record of client-focused innovation. We were among the first to bring artificial intelligence to the delivery of legal advice, pioneered radical pricing reformulations long before the current push to economize, and broke new ground by creating in-house innovation teams tasked with technology-leveraged solutions.

As thought leaders, we have built the industry’s most sophisticated pricing, staffing, and budgeting tool set as well as the best and most flexible project management platform in Big Law. We regularly meet and exceed our clients’ business, financial and legal goals through creative combinations of legal knowledge and technology prowess.

Our pioneering accomplishments have been recognized by The International Legal Technology Association, which has twice awarded our firm the top prize as the world’s Most Innovative Law Firm. While we are very proud of what we’ve achieved, we do not emphasize innovation to garner awards, but rather to address real world problems that our clients face and to streamline the delivery of legal services for our attorneys.

Our Engines for Innovation

We are purposefully structured for innovation. Unlike any other law firm in the world, we have created distinct in-house groups whose sole purpose is boosting efficiency, reducing cost and improving client outcomes through innovation. A long-standing commitment to this structural approach sets us far apart from other law firms and mirrors the best global companies. Our impressive results include client-centric applications ranging from decision support systems that deliver legal advice over the web to sophisticated workflow management applications that automatically create legal documents. Each group focuses on a certain area: 

Client Technology Group (CT)

Our award-winning Client Technology group researches and develops new technologies to deliver improved and more cost-effective services to clients. Bringing together web developers, business analysts, application specialists and others, CT now supports more than 700 client-accessible applications, many of which have changed the face of legal practice around the globe. From legal decision support to elaborate workflow management platforms, Client Technology Group’s array of solutions help streamline legal work processes and permit our firm to operate with the unprecedented efficiency now demanded in today’s highly competitive legal marketplace.

Accelerated Review Team (ART)

The Accelerated Review Team is a highly expert core group that provides alternative staffing models to streamline workflow and provide support for process-intensive legal engagements. Comprised of seasoned litigators and technology specialists with vast experience in e-discovery, asset acquisition and merger due diligence work, document drafting, and document automation work, ART enables the firm to forge new and highly technology-leveraged staffing approaches to some of the most significant costs facing Bryan Cave clients.

Practice Economics Group (PEG)

Our Practice Economics Group is designed to radically improve legal operations for our teams and clients. PEG provides cutting-edge tools and techniques to help our firm price projects accurately and competitively, and to successfully manage those projects to completion on budget and on schedule. Comprised of attorneys, actuarial and financial analysts, web developers, and project managers, PEG allows for extraordinary insight into each budget and engagement. This insight allows us to price flexibly so we can keep our promises to deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

Our Technology Initiatives

We focus our innovation on industrial-strength project management and unprecedented pricing flexibility. To this end, we have developed a suite of literally dozens of business analytics tools that help our lawyers become more flexible and creative. With an increased ability to accurately price and staff engagements, we can deftly manage each project more effectively and go beyond expectations.

As thought leaders, it’s not enough to simply create these tools. We strive to make everything we do extensible and repeatable, building platforms rather than single-point solutions so we can cross categories of practice easily and quickly develop targeted solutions. With the market demanding radical streamlining and very high levels of efficiency, we are primed and ready with myriad tools and technologies to answer the call.

Our industry-leading initiatives include:

  • Rosetta Initiative
    We believe in the power of stories. Rosetta creates automated financial narratives that increases attorneys’ understanding of key firm performance metrics. Using advanced software to "turn numbers into stories," Rosetta allows our lawyers to cut through dense information fast, relate to information more easily, closely analyze metrics and uncover new client opportunities.
  • CrossLite
    We have developed dozens of separate tools to help manage projects better and to report project progress out to clients and to the lawyer teams working on them. Those have evolved into a radically new and proprietary platform we call CrossLite, which gives us great flexibility to create exactly what we, and our clients, need very quickly. CrossLite allows attorneys, business analysts and others without programming expertise to quickly and easily create workflow, project management and other streamlining applications in minutes or hours rather than days or weeks.
  • Litigation Technology
    Bryan Cave pioneered modern web-based litigation case management. Using the very latest search and workflow management for document and discovery, we make extraordinary use of the most advanced technologies while also achieving order-of-magnitude improvements in efficiency. We are now among the most active users of web-based case management tools in the world, housing many terabytes of discovery and evidence materials accessed by hundreds of lawyers, clients, experts and consultants and using in-house client data analysis that allows us to load, parse and analyze complex data arrays provided by our clients in the course of litigation or claims analysis.
  • Engagement Analytics
    Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner has the most powerful engagement analytics platform in the legal sector. This proprietary suite of applications allows lawyers to plan and price new engagements more flexibly and creatively because of access to detailed historical analyses, as well as state-of-the-art staffing and engagement tools. Within minutes, we can identify personnel with precisely the right skills for a particular engagement, adjust staffing mixes and explore various pricing approaches. This means that we have unprecedented flexibility to respond to client needs, consider fixed price or contingent fee arrangements and pursue creative approaches and solutions.
  • Legal Workflow Applications
    Our cutting-edge legal workflow applications streamline processes, save time, and provide the highest quality legal work product. Our vast array of applications include supplying transaction teams with software that automates the collection and review of merger and acquisition due diligence documents; claims management systems to help clients manage defective building structural claims, aviation accident claims, aviation parts products liability claims and accident and other catastrophic loss insurance coverage; and Custom Communication Extranets to help eliminate the huge volume of email traffic often associated with large transactions and litigations.