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Information Technology

Bryan Cave’s Information Technology Practice Group handles all types of technology agreements for clients in virtually every industry. We understand the laws and technologies underlying technology transactions but more importantly, we understand our clients and their businesses.

Bryan Cave’s Information Technology Practice Group has a deep roster of skilled attorneys equipped to provide a rapid, thorough response to any client need arising across the entire spectrum of commercial technology contracts and ventures. Located in offices around the globe and serving a variety of clients, we tap into a wealth of experience to understand and appreciate the business climates our clients face.  Our integrated offices afford clients the benefit of the entire firm’s experience wherever the client may reside, focused by the experience and industry specialization of the Information Technology Practice Group.

In delivering comprehensive solutions, the Information Technology Practice attorneys draw upon expertise from firm attorneys who practice in corporate and transactional matters, intellectual property, outsourcing, commercial litigation, labor and employment, international law, tax, and regulatory matters. This collaborative “One Firm” approach enables Bryan Cave to provide practical, value-added counsel at every stage of a client’s development – from the initial formation and capitalization through a sale, merger, or initial public offering and beyond.

Our clients include:
  • Traditional computer and network software companies;
  • Online retailing companies;
  • Telecommunications companies;
  • Network and personal computer equipment manufacturers;
  • Components and accessories manufacturers;
  • Producers of interactive entertainment;
  • Wireless, broadcasting and media companies;
  • Traditional and internet telephony companies;
  • Technology and internet services providers;
  • Consulting and managed services companies.

The Information Technology Practice Group attorneys are skilled negotiators who maintain a close watch on the bottom line. We work diligently alongside clients to complete transactions on an often short timeline, bringing a keen business sense to transactions that helps close deals quickly and efficiently. One way our attorneys attempt to head off long negotiations is by working with clients to develop form agreements (e.g., long and short form software licenses or terms and conditions of sale) that are fair and easy to understand.

We also understand that helping clients best mobilize or leverage technology-related products and services sometimes requires alternatives to customary transaction structures. We are able to guide clients through partnerships, asset transfers, equity investments or options, rights of first refusal, and other business arrangements. Information Technology Group members have structured, negotiated, and documented a wide variety of such arrangements.

For clients exploring synergies with similar or complementary entities, Bryan Cave has helped to forge strategic alliances to…
  • Manufacture and sell complementary technology products;
  • Market and perform complementary information technology consulting services;
  • Outsource application and/or managed services with an option to acquire the services provider;
  • Integrate database technologies and software with management consultancy expertise;
  • Develop, market, sell, integrate, service, and maintain encryption systems;
  • Transaction enhancement technologies with management consultancy expertise;
  • Co-market trade compliance technologies with system implementation expertise and services;
  • Develop and co-market document management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Facilitate the entry of a premier information technology company into the Chinese market through the formation of alliances with Chinese telecommunications companies;
  • Facilitate and encourage referrals between technology consulting companies and computer product manufacturers.

When a strategic alliance is insufficient to meet a client’s needs, Bryan Cave has helped to engineer new entity joint ventures to…
  • Design, develop, market, and sell educational technology systems;
  • Develop, produce, manufacture, and distribute interactive software titles;
  • Install, service, maintain, and provide technical support for medical diagnostic systems;
  • Develop and build metropolitan area telecommunications networks;
  • Manufacture, market, sell, and distribute test probes for microelectronic devices;
  • Integrate proprietary computer technologies with marketing expertise and know-how;
  • Develop and market an internet-based solution to provide financial and accounting services;
  • Develop and market data management and reporting software and services;
  • Construct, operate for profit, and develop digital optical fiber telecommunications networks throughout the United States;
  • Establish global access to wireless telecommunications networks through satellite link-ups.

For more than a decade Bryan Cave attorneys have handled technology outsourcing transactions in a wide variety of industries – from financial services, to shipping and cargo carrying, to managed Internet services. Bryan Cave clients have turned to us to prepare, review, or negotiate complex outsourcing agreements relating to technology functions or services. Bryan Cave has dedicated resources to keep current with the full range of technology outsourcing business practices and their corresponding legal issues and nuances.

Today’s non-technology companies regularly engage in technology-driven transactions and potentially have a more pressing need for experienced counsel. The Information Technology Practice Group continually handles such transactions – from the licensing and integration of enterprise software systems, to the development of online e-stores, to the purchase and integration of state-of-the-art server farms – and stands ready to help any client with the structuring of such deals and with the review, preparation, or negotiation of the underlying agreements.