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Commercial Practice Team

No matter your industry or geographic location, your company and other companies around the world have a common need – a need for fast, practical, economical and value-added legal counsel in addressing the issues that face their organizations everyday.  Such issues include the preparation and negotiation of business-fueling agreements, legal counseling and advice on managing risks.  You also have a common problem – finding the resources to review and advise on these issues at the speed of business.

Bryan Cave’s Commercial Rapid Response Team is designed to provide fast, practical, value-added counsel to clients, whether in the preparation and negotiation of commercial agreements, business counseling or “crisis” management. Often, the need centers around review of “traditional” commercial agreements, including terms and conditions of purchase and sale, distributorship and representative arrangements, consulting and other services contracts, confidentiality agreements, employment matters, noncompetition agreements, licensing arrangements and other similar matters. However, we are also called upon to craft unique solutions for our clients in this increasingly complex, rapidly paced and global economy.

Clients of Bryan Cave’s Commercial Rapid Response Team benefit from:
  • Rapid response. Team lawyers respond quickly and directly to the client.
  • Depth of experience. Given their focus in these areas, team members have depth of experience, and can give you the benefit of that perspective, as well as insight as to common practice and alternatives.
  • Local capabilities, global vision. In an increasingly global environment, it is critical for transaction professionals to have both local capabilities and global vision. As a leading international law firm with offices around the world, and a vast network of local counsel relationships, we are familiar with the laws of the land – no matter where you may be.
  • Efficient use of resources. We understand the cost sensitivities inherent in many commercial matters. Members of the team combine their own depth of experience and the firm’s database of form documents to avoid duplicate efforts and achieve cost-efficiencies.
  • Foresight. Form and document files are built to meet clients’ current and future needs.
  • Freeing of resources to focus on strategy. The team helps free client staffs from many of their day-to-day tactical responsibilities. With our help, client counsel and other executives can gain more control over their most valuable resource – time – giving them time to devote to strategy; time to accelerate other projects; time to focus on customers.
  • Improved Processes. By outsourcing these traditional agreements, companies often find they capture new efficiencies. As a result, resources can be reallocated to other important projects.
  • Focus on the client’s needs. With Bryan Cave’s commitment to shared resources and smart use of technology, the team quickly identifies lawyers with the appropriate type and level of experience for the project at hand.
  • Continuity. Clients have access to a team of lawyers to provide seamless coverage. Both the client and the firm benefit from the familiarity and experience of repeatedly working together.
  • Integrated approach. When the need for “specialized” advice arises, we can quickly consult any of the more than 1,000 Bryan Cave lawyers and others professionals practicing internationally in more than two dozen specialties, including trade regulation, intellectual property, real estate, environmental, finance, tax, labor, employment, litigation and other areas.
  • Continuous improvement. The team’s performance is regularly evaluated to ensure that clients benefit from their experience with us. Client feedback is a valued part of this process.

Bryan Cave continues to seek innovative solutions to our clients’ business issues. Our Commercial Rapid Response Team is a unique and powerful business tool that does just that by taking the administrative, drafting and negotiating burden off of our clients. The result is an approach that provides prompt, economical and sound legal counsel to our clients seeking progress toward closure.

Some examples of our work include:

In-House Legal Experiences.

  • Serving as “outside general counsel” to a number of clients;
  • Serving as acting general counsel for private and public companies due to the departure of the general counsel;
  • Seconding of attorneys to client’s in-house legal departments to cover staffing shortages.  Engagements on both a full-time and part-time basis, for periods ranging from 3 to 12 months.

General Commercial Contract and Business Matters.

  • Development of forms of, and drafting, negotiation and review of supply and service agreements for both vendors and purchasers spanning a wide range of industries, including accounting, financial services, engineering, construction, design and consulting companies, manufacturing companies, outsourcing services providers and software licensors;
  • Long-term and short term supply agreements;
  • Sponsorship, marketing and promotion agreements, including sponsorship agreements for the PGA Tour, Skate Canada and the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament;
  • Outsourcing arrangements, including financial and management services, training/learning outsourcing contracts, business process and application maintenance and development;
  • Distribution and sales representative agreements, including development of various forms of exclusive and non-exclusive distribution and sales representation agreements for use internationally;
  • Confidentiality, employment and non-competition agreements, including development of forms for use in various jurisdictions, ranging from forms used for “rank-and-file” employees, to customized, executive-level agreements;
  • Standard terms and conditions of purchase and sale;
  • Acquisitions of intellectual property portfolios, agreements for the purchase of web-based solutions, portal development, website content development and hosting;
  • Financing of equipment purchases, including traditional financing leases and sale / leaseback arrangements;
  • Advice on contracting with potentially insolvent or bankrupt companies;
  • Licensing of off-the-shelf software products and web-based subscription services;
  • Licensing and development of customized software products, such as SAGE, ORACLE and CISCO software, human resources management software and inventory management and shipping software;
  • Strategic alliance, joint venture and teaming agreements;
  • Formation of new business ventures internationally, including general business advice with respect to lease agreements and employment agreements, and coordinating tax advice with respect to formation;
  • Development and provision of training on a variety of legal topics, including general contracting terms, Incoterms 2000 and antitrust matters to various clients on a global basis;
  • Identification of potential antitrust issues, as well as development of MAP Policies;
  • Export, import, customs and other international trade matters.